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Biomass Wood Pellet

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we are one of the leading fuel burning suppliers in Poland. our goods are wood pellet, rice husk pellet, compressed rice husk, rice husk briquette, sunflower pellets. as you know,these fuel burning have strong point are low price, long time using, useful.
we are capable to supply 1500 mt wood pellet per month, we hope to make a good co-operation to disrepute our wood pellets in your market, our plant is only the one how can produce wood pellets.

we can supply you 6 mm and 8mm, up to 16mm, our specification is as follow:

parameter pellets.
calorific power is 4200 to 4500 kg / calorie
humidity, % mix 10%
ash content, % 0. 5%
fine material 0. 5%
pellet size from 6mm, 8mm, up to 16mm.