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Birch Plywood

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The alder-birch plywood is the board glued from uneven number of veneers, whose fibres in layers adjacent to each other run under a right angle. Upon the client’s request we can apply a different construction, e. g. all the layers running parallel to each other, owing to that we obtain greater bending strength.

We produce plywood in versions:

– standard – combi plywood (alder or birch veneers, internal layers – any type of wood)

– of special design – of special design and quality of internal layers (e. g. birch plywood in full cross section, or full internal layers (for milling) etc.) Upon a special order, we can machine or refine the plywood. More information in the section: Machining.

Softwood plywood is made according to the obligatory norms and provided with the required certificates