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European Beech Log

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“Our beech logs come from the best areas in Europe. The beech logs from Ukraine are known for their excellent quality, famous for their white color and big diameter. For example, 1000 cbm beech contract is made up of beech logs with average diameter above 50 cm and a majority of white logs.

We can supply until 50.000 cbm beech logs per year. Our know-how in the field allows us to supply any kind of quality, any kind of diameter.

ITS WOOD commitment is based on reliability and professionalism: “we guarantee to each customer that the beech logs are carefully chosen and measured during the inspection and finally controlled during the loading”.

  • Product Saw Logs
  • Type of species European Hardwood
  • Species Beech
  • Specifications
  • Grading system European norm
  • Quality a/b/c
  • Volume 250 – – m3 per month
  • Diameter 40+ cm
  • Length 4+ m

Description: we can offer you, beech logs fresh cut

-ABC Saw logs red heart <30 %

  • AB peeling logs red heart unlimited Diameter 40cm and up

Free trim 20 cm per log length 4m and up.