Kamil Siwarga We are wood and papers manufacturer factory for 7years, having enough experience producing woods lumbers and logs, A4 varaties of Papers, Wood pellet, Wood pallets, Charcoal, Firewood, Pencile and Plank wood Funitures . we have Varities of Branded papers in stock Biomass Energy. Product Supplier WE was found with the pioneer idea to recycle wood waste for agricultural products and develop a cleaner renewable energy source alternative to fossil fuels.

The head office is situated in Susiec Ciotusza Stara Poland center with dynamic environment and factory network strategically located in major industrial zones in Susiec Poland, Ciotusza Stara Poland and Warsaw .With the rapid and sustainable growth over the years, WE has become one of leading manufacturers of Biomass Energy, Wood Waste, Plywood Products in Poland.

WE has gained strong production capability of wood logs and lumbers and biomass energy products, particularly in wood pellet. WE is recognized to be an expert as the first and biggest company in Poland that handles wood pellet bulk vessel sizing up to 20,000 tons. WE’s market share in wood pellet, wood sawdust, wood shavings market accounts for 50% and has always been the market leader.Besides, WE is proud to be the unique plywood factory to produce container flooring plywood that meets up IICL standards. We also supply wide ranges of plywood sizes for different applications from new container building, container floor repairing, packaging to construction. With most skillful workers and modern production lines.